a coffee love story

It’s no secret that I love coffee. It is three in the afternoon and I am heating up another delicious dark rich lover of a cup-o-coffee. I was probably about nine when I experienced my first taste of the legal stimulate. My mother and my sister would drink it together at the kitchen table and for some reason I HAD to be included (youngest child, don’t you dare do anything with out me). I remember my sister offering me a taste. If you can imagine with me for a second, someone sneezing while getting slapped in the face with vinegar. That was my reaction. Of course I said I loved it and then choked it down for a few years with a pound of the other legal stimulate. SUGAR. Through out my younger years this was my go to and believe me when I say,  if some one asked if I drank coffee I said yes. I was then ridden with guilt for the fact that I actually drank milk flavored with sugar and a dash of coffee.
One bright sunny day, in the good ol Loop in the city of St. Louis. I came across Brandts. A cute little bistro with a wine shop attached. This was my favorite restaurant in my twenties. They had a smoked salmon quesadilla with a dill sauce that was to die for! Anyway, back to coffee. I was reading a book (bah! more like the classifieds for a job, because job collecting was my thing back then) My server asked me if I would like a coffee. Yes, cream and sugar please. He looked offended and asked if I had ever had a french press before? No. Out to my table came this sweet little french press. Single. Serving. Pure. Goodness. This is when I fell in love. In love with the rich, smokey, ground goodness. No cream, No sugar. Just that deep dark pour with a light brown foam top, cup of coffee.

Now once in a while, I do still enjoy some cream and a dash of sugar. But I found a great “coffee creamer” that doesn’t take away my coffee taste, just adds a whole lot of goodness, minus the acidic aftertaste. I followed this girls recipe as much as I follow any. Meaning a dash of this and a eye of that. I add about 1tsp to my cup.  Placed it in a cute mason jar and keep it on my counter next to my lets make a pot of coffee for one person.


head on over to:  http://modernhippiehousewife.com/2015/11/08/coconut-oil-coffee-creamer/


So basically its a love story of girl meets guy(coffee), guy(coffee) makes girl jealous, girl shapes guy (coffee) into what she wants (milk, SUGAR, dash coffee), guy(coffee) shows girl what he is really made of. Girl falls in love. Guy (coffee) keeps girl.
Im serious you guys, I go to sleep thinking about the next time I can drink coffee. Is there a group for this CAA ( coffee addiction anonymous) ???

Coffee kicked in! One, two, three, four….

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