the art of comparison and the weight of worry

I am going to try my hardest to be nice to my self this week.

I am going to try my hardest to let go this week.

I am going to try my hardest not to carry the weight of worry this week.




Mason loves to blow raspberries on my stomach. He spits, drools and thinks he is hilarious. Every so often he will rest his head on my stomach and will listen to my heart beating. He kisses me and then blows a raspberry again. Sometimes I cannot help but focus on how my stomach isn’t what I would like it to be. Its not tight, there are stretch marks for days and well its just plane ol’ unattractive. In my opinion. Today, I thought, unattractive to who. Mason doesn’t care.  Why do I…

I am sure you are just like me. We all have insecurities. Hell, it’s blown up in our faces everyday. Who I should be? What should I look like? Diet, face, hair? Lights, camera, acton!   Then there is this:



I’m not knocking Ali here , she looks fan-f’in-tastick. Now, how can I be happy for her, and realize we are not the same. This is what I am going to work on this week. The art of comparison and the weight of worry. My body is my own because God made it that way. So is yours. The curves, the bumps, the rumps. This week I will be gifting me something that celebrates me. Something that goes against my natural inclination to “not” or to abstain from a “want” because I feel as if this will make the difference in loving my self. I am going to try not to worry about how I look or how someone may think I look.

The art of comparison isn’t just with body image. It also comes with something I do daily. Cook. I love to cook. If you follow me on any social media you know that. I constantly get feedback from women who put themselves down, “OH, I can’t even make PBJ.” or ” I am horrible because we get take out most nights.” Trust me, I do this too insert :  This is an amazing bakery in St. Charles, with lots of yummy things. Even with ALL the things I do, I still think. “Gosh, why am I not making yummy things like this?” “I should be baking more.” Where in the world would I find the time! GEE WIZ! It’s exhausting isn’t it? Lets try and take this week to be nice to ourselves. Cut yourself a break and celebrate being you.

Remember to be kind to yourself. Live healthy. Get out and walk around a bit. Just breath.

Let me know what you do to celebrate you #celebrateme






Disclaimer: I stole all the photos from the internet.

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