Monday, Tuesday.


Christmas is around the corner and it usually makes me want to craft the crap out of my house. Now what we have a new home it makes it all the more worth it. Hobby Lobby, Dollar store and Michaels OH MY! This house has room for the perfect tree or maybe two.

Monday night I got together with some friends to catch up. There is something about good friends, wine and unbaked cookie dough that fills my heart. I cherish the times I get to hang with these gals and I am thankful for friends who are real. The ones who are interested in the “meat” of a relationship. Hearing stories of their children makes me excited about Mason growing up. Oh how I’ll miss him as a baby, but seeing him grow is the most wonderful gift I’ve been given. Being a new mom is like throwing all of your laundry in the same load. You’re hoping your colors won’t bleed and that name brand detergent protects your whites, but no matter what, your whites are going to come out pink. Having friends who have done a load or two before me helps me realize there is no right or wrong. I’m doing a good job, and you know what? I always find a twenty at the bottom of the wash, because I never clean out my jean pockets. Boom.


Acorn Squash with Chorizo and Apples

IMG_09271 glass of Red Wine

1 Acorn Squash

2-2.5 lbs  Chorizo Sausage, ground

1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar

1/3 cup  Onion, chopped

2 tsp Garlic

1 Apple, chopped

Salt and Pepper to taste

While drinking your glass of red wine, pre-heat oven to 400º. Cut acorn squash in half, scrape out the seeds and place on a baking pan, cut side down,  with enough water to cover the bottom of pan. Bake at 400º for 30-45 min until tender. Cook chorizo in a pan until its browned and no longer pink. I like to break it up into smaller chunks but not fully ground up. Move the chorizo to a plate lined with paper towels to soak up some of that fat (save those calories for that second glass of wine). Add your balsamic vinegar to chorizo pan on medium heat to de-glaze the pan. Once heated add onions, garlic and apples. Cook al-dente. Toss in the chorizo. Top your salted and peppered squash half with the chorizo mixture. Save your leftovers for what I have in store for tomorrow.

What kind of red wine did you drink? I am drinking, Mad Housewife- Cabernet Sauvignon while listing to Swedish House Mafia



Twenty four hours of Thursday

Thursday’s are my hardest days. Not only is it my longest work day, but I am also away from my son for twelve  hours. Clients make it easier but I still need some small tricks to make the day go by. Like, looking forward to noon when my friend/co-worker starts her day, eating my two o’clock chocolate covered espresso beans or that perfectly chilled can of cold La Croix sparkling water. It seems silly, but it really is about the little things. Did I mention scrolling through a thousand pictures of my son?

Both Wednesday and Thursday’s are long days. In order to make sure we eat healthy and we do not spend money on take out, I enlist my crock pot to help me out with dinner. This past Wednesday I made a simple Mexican shredded chicken. We ate it last night with green peppers, black beans, refried beans, lettuce, cheese and tortillas. Tonight we will make salads. It’s nice knowing that I can spend the few hours before Mason’s bedtime kissing his sweet cheeks instead of in the kitchen. 

Simple Mexican Shredded Chicken: 

1 bottle or can of amber beer

4-6 frozen chicken breast

2 tbsp of chilies in adobe sauce 

2 tbsp garlic

2 tbsp cumin 

1 tbsp onion  

Salt/pepper to taste

Throw it in, turn it on low, cook for 4-6hrs. Shred and serve. 

Any questions?


The First Thanksgiving



Last night I had the pleasure of cooking a Thanksgiving meal for my sister and her children. This was the first Thanksgiving meal at our new home. I love to cook. It brings warmth to my heart and fills my stomach with joy being able to share it with others.

This kitchen is a dream to cook in. Not only do I have to counter space to stop putting bowls on the floor in order to make multiple items,  I have four working cooktops at my disposal. The options are endless.

This weekend was filled with family and friends. Breaking bread together and making memories. I am beyond blessed. At my second Thanksgiving in our home I will include my menu and recipes. Working on a budget with out missing out on the flavor. Stay tuned…




Nice to meet you

I’d like to start this blog as if we are already in the middle of a conversation. It makes me feel as if we are close friends and you just called me, asking me how my week is going. Thanks. Its going well.

The holidays are coming up and it reminds me of how thankful I am that I have food to eat, a home to sleep in and a family to love. It also reminds me of those who do not have these things. Those who are without and those who are in need. This weekend will be filled with friends, laughter, food and fun. This weekend will also be focused on how I can bring friends, laughter, food and fun to those who need it.

Oh! How rude of me, How is your week going?